Don’t Fall Behind on November’s Printer and Wacom Promos


Now that the holiday season has started, feast on these savings from our partners at Canon, Epson, HP, and Wacom all month long. The promos and rebates below are valid from November 1, 2017- November 30, 2017, unless otherwise specified.

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Looking for Wacom promos?

Spectraflow Showroom Specials

Epson SureColor S40600 DEMO – 64-inch printer: save $6,000!


Exclusive Offer- Get Started Right with Epson Paper
Have you thought about trying Epson paper or are considering working with Spectraflow for the first time? Then take advantage of our Buy One Get ONE FREE on Epson Professional Media. Epson has a great selection of Fine Art and Specialty media. Give us a call at 415-382-8681 or fill out our contact form if you need a recommendation and we’ll set you up with this great promo.

Canon Instant Rebates
Canon PRO-4000 Printer

Canon PRO-2000 – 24-inch printer: $200

Canon PRO-4000 – 44-inch printer: $500

Canon PRO-4000S – 44-inch printer: $200

Canon Mail-In Rebates

Canon PRO-6000 – 44-inch printer: $1,200

Canon PRO-4000 – 44-inch printer: $300

Canon PRO-2000 – 24-inch printer: $200

For complete terms of offer, visit Claim form available online at

Epson Instant Rebates

SureColor F-Series

SureColor F2000 White Edition – 20-inch Direct to Garment printer: $4,000

SureColor F2000 Color Edition – 20-inch Direct to Garment printer: $4,000

SureColor F6200PS – 24-inch dye sublimation printer: $500

SureColor F7200PS – 64-inch dye sublimation printer: $1,000

SureColor F9200PS – 64-inch dye sublimation printer: $1,000

Save an extra $500 instantly on the F2000 and F6200 and $1000 instantly on the F7200 when you attend our event.

SureColor P-SeriesEpson SureColor P20000 Printer

SureColor P10000 – 44-inch printer: $1,000

Surecolor P20000 – 64-inch printer: $2,000

SureColor P6000 – 24-inch printer: $300

SureColor P7000 SE or CE – 24-inch printer: $750

SureColor P8000 – 44-inch printer: $750

SureColor P9000 SE or CE – 44-inch printer: $1,000

SureColor T-Series

SureColor T3270SR – 24-inch printer: $500

SureColor T5270SR – 36-inch printer: $750

SureColor T5270DR – 36-inch printer: $1,000

SureColor T7270SR – 44-inch printer: $1,000

SureColor T7270DR – 44-inch printer: $1,200

SureColor S-Series

SureColor S40600 – 64-inch printer: $3,000

SureColor S60600 – 64-inch printer: $3,000

SureColor S80600 – 64-inch printer: $2,000

Save an extra $2000 instantly on the S60600 and S80600 when you attend our event.

Epson Mail-in Rebates

SureColor P5000 SE or CE – 17-inch printer: $300; Download the rebate form here.

SureColor P400 – $100; Download the rebate form here.

SureColor P600 – $150; Download the rebate form here.

SureColor P800 – $300; Download the rebate form here.

Current owners of a qualifying Epson inkjet printer who purchase a SureColor P400, P600 or P800 printer can receive $50 back by mail. Download the rebate form here.

Visit Epson’s site for more information.

SureColor S-Series Rewards Program

Call us at 415-382-8681 or contact us to learn how to join the S-Series Rewards program and get free warranty coverage for up to five years by Epson!


Epson Media Mail-in Rebate

Purchase a combination of any 3 qualifying Epson Professional Imaging Signature Worthy Media and get a rebate back by mail for the cost of the least expensive product purchased.

Product must be purchased between 11/1/17 and 11/30/17.

Download the rebate form here.

HP Instant RebatesHP-Latex-365-64-inch-printer

HP Latex

HP Latex 315 – 54-inch printer: $1,000

HP Latex 335 – 54-inch printer: $1,000

HP Latex 365 – 54-inch printer: $2,000

HP DesignJet

DesignJet T520 – 24-inch printer: $350

DesignJet T520 – 36-inch printer: $250

DesignJet T120 – 24-inch printer: $100

DesignJet T830 – 36-inch printer: $500 + stack with Cash In & Trade Up promo $1000 rebate

DesignJet T839 – 24-inch printer: NEW machine price $2695

HP Mail-in Rebates

HP DesignJet

Cash In and Trade Up

HP DesignJet Z6xxx Cash In & Trade Up promotion

During the HP DesignJet Z6xxx Cash In & Trade Up promotion (September 11–October 31, 2017), you can get up to $2,000 cash back on qualifying HP DesignJet printers! View the promotion terms visit or claim now!

Wacom Promo

All Wacom Intuos Pro Models On Sale from October 29, 2017 through December 2, 2017

Wacom Products:

$50 off on Intuos Pro Small (PTH451), Wacom Intuos Pro Medium (PTH660), Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Medium (PTH660P)

$100 off USD on Wacom Intuos Pro Large (PTH860), Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Large (PTH860P)

Call us at 415-382-8681 to take advantage of the above Wacom Intuos promo.

For more information on any of the rebates you see listed above, please give us a call at 415-382-8681.