Tech Tip: Monitor your HP Latex Remotely with the HP Latex Mobile App

HP Latex Mobile App Screenshot
Screenshot showing current ink levels

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could remotely monitor your HP Latex in real-time to see vitals like ink levels, job history, and printer errors?

Good news!

HP has a free app called HP Latex Mobile for the Latex 300 and 3000 series printers. It’s available in both the Google Play Store for Android and Apple’s App store for iOS devices that can do the above and much more.

How much more? Here’s an incomplete list of what is monitored to give you a clear picture of how beneficial this app is:

  • current ink levels for each cartridge in milliliters
  • maintenance cart levels
  • history of current and previous jobs
  • current substrate in use
  • how much ink was used during a job
  • how much substrate was used in square feet
  • alerts (out of ink, etc.) and notifications (running low on ink)

Overall, this nifty app is a convenient way to access real-time information from your Latex printer and can save you many potential headaches while away from your printers–if your business does unattended printing then you know what we mean. With access to job specific information, such as ink usage, how much substrate was used, and job completion times, you can make sure jobs are getting done and quickly deal with issues as they arise.

Learn more about the app from HP’s website.

Check out the video below to see basic setup and walkthrough: