Tech-Tip: Save Ink, Time, and Money with Garment Creator 1.3

Splash screen showing Epson Garment Creator version 1.3F2000 users: do you want to save ink, time, and money while improving the touch and feel of your black garments?

Keep reading to discover how updating to the new version of Garment Creator (version 1.3) can reduce your overhead and improve your profitability.

What’s New in the Update

Garment Creator 1.3 now has a preset labeled “Black Color T-Shirt (Use Garment Black).” When using this new preset, Garment Creator will attempt to isolate and remove black color from your graphics, using the “garment black” (the shirt fibers) for black areas.

Main Benefits

“Use garment black” reduces ink usage, so you save ink which in turn saves you money. You also save time because prior to this update, you had to click on the Color Replacement tab, then Transparency, then select black to accomplish the same task.

There are also these additional benefits:

  • Significant reduction in ink usage and cost for black garment
  • Superior color and image quality
  • Improved feel/touch of the garment
  • Additional support of both single pass (L2) and double pass (L3) white imaging modes
  • Same simplistic user interface as with prior software versions
  • No upgrade cost and free to download (link)


Based on our testing, this preset does an excellent job of removing black areas from images. Don’t believe us? A couple of users over at have posted their results using the new preset (knockout black feature). The results were astounding, to say the least, and the users were overall impressed with the update. A senior member of the forum posted, “This is a BIG step in the right direction for Epson and GC!!!” Another user, who uploaded a couple test prints, posted, “I don’t see the need for a third RIP anymore for F2000 owners at all.”

The Bottom Line

This update automates removing areas where black ink would be layed down, using the garment’s black fabric instead. It saves ink, time, and money for black shirt printing. The Garment Creator software still works as you would expect it to. It’s still free, the interface hasn’t changed nor has its ease of use. What are you waiting for? Download the update here.