Epson SureColor P9570/P7570 Wide Format Printer Review

Epson SureColor P9570/P7570 Wide Format Printer Review

In 2020, Epson introduced their latest additions to their family of large format photographic inkjet printers, the 44” SureColor P9570 and 24” P7570. We have been testing our demo unit here at Spectraflow and have been sharing our wide format printer reviews in conjunction with Epson via Webinar, which can be found here

Place Epson Printers In Your Line-Up

Both the P9570 and P7570 combine the speed of the 44” P10000 and 60” P20000 with the large color gamut of the P9000/P7000, along with a bunch of other features described below that make these Epson printers the most significant addition to the photographic lineup in about decade.

It’s also worth noting that Epson has kept the P9000/7000 Standard Edition (LLK, no Violet) and Commercial Edition (Violet, no LLK) in the line up for those who are not interested in paying several hundred dollars extra for the additional speed and other features found in the P9570/7570. That being said, Epson has discontinued the 44” P10000 in favor of the 44” P9570, though the 60” P20000 is still available.

Printer Speed

When you think of a printer’s speed, there are a few factors to take into consideration, such as the printer’s resolution, submit time (time between when you click the “print” button and when the head starts moving), and print time.   

The older P9000/7000 printers have a typical resolution of 1440×720 for quality or 720×720 for speed.  The P9570/7570 comparable resolutions are 1200×1200 or 600×600. Even though the newer resolutions are slightly lower, we were not able to distinguish any quality difference.  

The good news with the P9570/7570 is both submit time and print time are improved, the latter considerably. The below graph summarizes the results from our internal testing. Overall, printer speed was improved 50% at res=1200 and a whopping 100% at res=600. Epson’s claims of the new printers being twice as fast were borne out.

Color Gamut Comparative Printer Test

From an ink/color gamut perspective, the P9570/7570 combines the best of both worlds from the P9000/7000 SE and CE: it includes Violet ink for maximizing color gamut and LLK for providing the best highlight detail. We did some gamut comparisons against leading competitive printers from Canon. (Full disclosure – Spectraflow is also a Canon dealer.)

On commonly used Glossy Photo and Fine Art Matte papers, the P7570 shows an improved color gamut of ~10%. The Epson shows a bump in the Green, Red and Blue regions. 

Dust Abatement From Clogged Nozzles

One of the legitimate complaints that users lodge against Epson printers relates to the issue of clogged nozzles. This can be more of an issue with printers that are used intermittently. Epson has upped their game a number of ways with the P9570/7570. Most importantly, Epson has evolved their automated nozzle verification check technology. As I understand it, they are able to check for clogged nozzles without using any ink (waveform technology) and then also clear the clog.  

Additionally, the paper cover closes to form a more complete seal to prevent dust in the air getting into the printer area.

In the event that a nozzle does get clogged, Epson has now provided the end user the capability to access the printhead and remove the clog. This is new, and along with the improved dust abatement technology, promises to address what has historically been one of the most serious limitation of Epson printers.  

It’s also worth noting that in the Coke vs Pepsi world of piezo heads (Epson) vs thermal heads (Canon/HP), the user-replaceable printhead with the thermals is a consumable and increases the cost of operation. If the P9570/7570 lives up to its billing (only time will tell), it will be more reliable and less costly to operate than the competition.

Finally, based upon our experience with our demo unit that we’ve had for a year, we have experienced no clogged nozzles. Admittedly, this is only a data set of one, but it is very promising to see, especially because we are in the office so infrequently during the pandemic.

Other Epson Printer Features

New Software  

  • Epson Media Installer – This feature combines driver settings and profile together and puts on the printer’s hard drive. It simplifies the print workflow because all you have to do is select “Use Printer Settings” in the driver’s Media Settings. 
  • Large Format Accounting Tool – If you are interested in keeping track over your print costs, this tool will allow you to enter your ink and media costs and exactly calculate the cost of a print.

Control Panel – The control panel has improved nicely. It has a higher resolution and is more intuitive.

Spectroproofer – The Epson P9570/7570 are compatible with ILS30 spectroproofer, so they can be reused.

Basket – Another shortcoming in Epson’s historic offering has been the basket. It was simply not that durable and when someone inevitably hits it with their foot, it would come apart. We’ve seen many client deployments where the basket sits in disarray on the floor. The new design lifts the base of the basket off the floor and onto the printer stand where it can’t be kicked. A simple improvement, but it will make the baskets significantly more durable.

Professional Color Printers Summary

The Epson SureColor P9570 and P7570 represent the most significant addition to the Epson photo / aqueous large format line up in many years. The improvements in Speed, Color Gamut, Dust Abatement and Maintainability make it worth the wait for these professional color printers.

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