Tech Tip: Printhead Alignment Epson P7570/P9570

Epson SureColor P9570/P7570 Wide Format Printer Review

If you are noticing horizontal white lines or regular patterns of light and dark stripes over the whole of your print, then you may be in need of a printhead alignment.

The Epson Surecolor P7570 and P9570 printers (referred to as PX570 printers) offer impressive speed and print quality. The speed increase is due to two larger print head plates moving at pretty fast speeds, depending upon your chosen resolution. The additional complexity makes aligning the printheads on this line of printers particularly important, especially if you are printing in high speed or any bi-directional mode.

There are some important changes to the printhead alignment procedure for the Surecolor PX570 printers as compared with previous generation printers such as the P6000/7000/8000/9000.

Before we begin, make sure you have done a nozzle check and all of the ink channels are visible and that the lines are all free of breaks; this ensures that the alignment pattern will print correctly.

How to Perform a Printhead Alignment – Px570
The most important change from the previous generation printers is the printhead alignment applies to a specific paper type and not for the entire printer.  So if you are using multiple paper types, you will want to perform multiple printhead alignments.  

One improvement with the Px750 – you only need to align the printhead for your chosen print mode, Bi-Directional or Unidirectional. For instance, if you plan to use only Bi-Directional printing for a given paper (our general preference thanks to the speed benefits), then you only need to align the printhead for that mode. In the past, you were required to do both Unidirectional and Bi-Directional.

To get started, go to the home button on your printer’s control panel and then:
Select Menu/Paper Setting

Select the option for the paper loaded in the printer

Select Print Adjustments / Print Head Alignment

Select one of the following:

  1. Uni-D Alignment (take 25-35 minutes)
  2. Bi-D Alignment (takes 9-13 minutes)

Select Auto

If you haven’t already done a nozzle check, you can do it now by selecting

  1. Nozzle Check Pattern / Start

Otherwise, select Auto Adjustment / Start

  1. The sensor reads the adjustment pattern and automatically aligns the print head
  2. Note: Do not open the front cover or turn off the printer during the alignment process

If any image quality problems persist after the printhead alignment, perform a manual head alignment.  This involves selecting where two lines overlap most closely for a series of charts like the one below.  In this example, you would choose “0”.

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