Can You Print White Ink On Black and Clear Labels?

Can You Print White Ink On Black and Clear Labels?

Why White? The significance of white ink in color label printing is often overlooked. Printing white ink on clear labels or even black labels is a critical feature with label designs.

The cornerstone of color label printing is based on applying cyan, magenta, yellow and black onto white label stock. The white label surface reflects a wide range of color back to your eyes. If one applies these same colors to a label surface that is colored the printed label will look dark and dull because only a narrow range of colored light is reflected back to your eyes. When white ink is laid down underneath color inks, it provides a protective, reflective surface like white label stock. The result is a vivid color graphic when printing on colored label stock.

Professional White Ink Labels that Stand Out

  • Adding a 5th channel of white ink allows users to print to additional label stocks such as black vellum, clear films and metallic films to achieve professional white ink labels. 
  • White ink can be set up as a spot color and allow the user to print only white ink on color label stock. The darker the color label stock, the more opaque the white ink will print. The effect is a noticeable POP to a printed graphic.
  • Toner-based label inks are very durable and opens your label printing applications to more options. For example, beverage labels generally require water resistant graphics and therefore, a strong label is required.

The Right White Ink Label Printer for Your Needs

Unlike other inkjet-based label printers, the Afinia LT5C Color + White Label Printer is unique in that it uses dry toner instead of ink, and therefore is capable of printing the color white and CMYK color. This is made possible by OKI Digital LED print technology, which is similar to laser printing in that the toner is fused to the label material. However, there are several advantages of LED printing over laser printing that are critical to printing labels. Some of these advantages include increased speed, reliability, improved handling of thicker media, and low fusing temperatures.

Furthermore, the addition of a fifth (white) toner cartridge allows for full CMYK color plus white (CMYK+W) printing. Unlike inkjet, the toner is actually fused to the label material itself, which results in extremely durable labels that are truly waterproof and BS5609-certified. Additionally, the Afinia LT5C white ink label printer has the ability to print white toner onto dark, transparent and other specialty materials – all of which are waterproof – making the Afinia LT5C ideal for a wide variety of applications.  

Printing with cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white toner based inks offers users a very wide variety of label stocks that produce unique and professional labels that are waterproof and can stand up to the most demanding environments.

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