Cannabis Industry Label Packaging Tips To Attract Customers

Attract Customers with Cannabis Product Labels

In our current fast-paced society, you have around seven seconds to catch the attention of a potential customer with your label design. High-quality customized labels play a big role in getting consumers to choose your product over the competition. Cannabis labels are no different and need to balance compelling designs with providing information consumers want to know about a product. While guidelines vary per state, the labels for cannabis products must contain information such as instructions for safe use, dosing information, batch number(s) and expiration details. Label packaging creates trust for your business while branding your product in the eyes of the public.

3 Things You Must Remember when Customizing Labels for Cannabis

  1. Know the desires of your customers and design the cannabis labels accordingly. Luxury users expect quality packaging with labels that range from minimal to over the top. Millennials like trendy designs and sustainable packaging that promise a unique experience. Medical cannabis labels need to have clear copy that describes the product and its benefits to its users.
  2. Packaging should vary for cannabis products intended for medical patients versus recreational consumers. People buying medical relief cannabis products need information about the contents of your product. Recreational customers are attracted by fun, trendy packaging. 
  3. Always let consumers know your products adhere to state and local regulations. The label should state any side effects, age restrictions, or habit-forming capabilities. Many states require the name and packaging not be appealing to children in addition to being in a childproof package. You also need to show the weight and chemical combination of the product. 

Design Cannabis Labels with Confidence

Once you know all of the information that needs to be included with the product, you can design customized labels for cannabis products with ease. The label reflects your brand and attracts the attention of customers. They will want to learn more about how the product will meet their expectations and needs. Being aware of the rules and regulations for designing cannabis labels means your products will be carried in dispensaries and medical offices in your area. You can also design the label to reflect your personality and artistic side so the public gets to know more about the values and identity of your business.

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