Direct To Garment Printer Tips For The Perfect Color

Direct To Garment Printer Tips For The Perfect Color

Direct to garment printing requires skill and an artistic eye to produce your desired results. The desire to create the garment you envision has to match the expectations the client has in mind about the finished product. Color matching is a crucial part of the DTG printing process and should be kept in mind when using a DTG printer. One of the major issues that people face is printing mid-tones AKA colors that exist between the lightest and darkest areas of the image. That lack of a significant difference between mid-tones and the dark areas means the printer might have trouble creating the perfect gradient. The right level of image sharpness and enhanced colors also help a design “pop” and make it easier for a DTG printer to create the perfect color.

3 Things to Remember when Working with Your Garment Printer 

Keep these three things in mind when working with your garment printer:

  1. Always pretreat your garments to get the best results, especially on your dark materials. This is so important to the DTG printing process because it acts a primer to your material. By pretreating, your colors will be more fade resistant and you will be left with a product that you can be proud of for years to come! 
  2. Create product samples to view your design in real life. A product sample allows you to see how your material takes the color you’ve selected before you mass produce a design. Product samples also allow you to check your design placement. Save your samples and use them in the future as a color swatch!
  3. Not all fabrics are created equal for the DTG printing process. The most popular types of fabrics that take color well are 100% cotton, poly blends or tri-blends. The printed color looks different depending on the garment base color. The visual quality of a print is best on smoother, softer shirts as opposed to rougher fabrics.

Color Matching with DTG Printers Sets Your Brand Up for Success

The art of color matching is an important part of the DTG printing process. This step sets your brand up for success when you use a DTG printer to create the print on a garment. Color matching is the process of matching a color from a digital design file to the actual design printed on a product. Keep the information we discussed above in mind during the design and print process to avoid printing any colors that look dull or faded or that do not print properly. Using a digital printer to directly apply ink onto the fabric of a garment provides a vibrant and eye-catching, colorful final product. 

The perfect color is waiting for you so take advantage of the creative power of a direct to garment printer today.

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