Drawing Tablets For Professionals Working Remotely

Drawing Tablets For Professionals Working Remotely

Inspiration does not always strike while an employee is in the office. Graphic artists need to be able to go “where the mood strikes.” They need access to the best drawing tablets on the market. Wacom drawing tablets are the ideal tool for professionals working remotely, especially as they have been during the COVID-19 pandemic. Help your art department team stay productive with drawing tablets that contain features and tools to make a project fun to create while keeping remote workers connected with their team. Wacom tablets contain up-to-date software that makes a remote workflow efficient and easy for everyone to access at all times. The Wacom One, perfect for drawing use in any location, has a 13” screen that can be drawn on directly while plugged into an Android phone or used with a laptop. The Mobile Studio Pro means exactly what the word “Mobile” implies. Ideal for anyone looking for a streamlined, stand-alone drawing tablet, it has 4K resolution display, the ability to run multiple apps at the same time, high performance graphics and an advanced battery-free pen. 

The Best Drawing Tablets For Your Art Department

Check out our drawing tablets recommendations for an art department of any size:

  • The Intuos Pro line features a variety of choices including the Wacom Intuos Pro Large Paper Edition. The more “artsy” professionals on your team will appreciate the control and detail provided by this slim tablet. Your art team can draw, in ink, on their preferred choice of paper using the Finetip Pen, and also convert their sketches into digital files ready for editing. It will make your accounting team happy as well because these tablets are so affordable that you can easily supply Wacom drawing tablets to more employees.
  • The Cintiq line of pen displays and computers offers exceptional color accuracy no matter the size of the details on the screen. Each model features pressure sensitivity and a scratch resistant screen for crisp, clear and eye-catching artistic details. No matter the size of your budget, we carry a variety of models so it is easier than ever to find one (or more) that fit every budget. Cintiq is a great choice for artists that need higher screen resolution and AutoCAD compatibility to produce detailed, high-quality work. 

Wacom Tablets Set Your Team Up For Success

Do you need help deciding what combination of drawing tablets best serves the needs of your creative team (no matter where they are located)? Spectraflow is here to give your team the tools they need to bring ideas to life. Wacom tablets are created with your company and creatives in mind. Whether your team needs to draw or render designs or simply annotating documents, the ability to share their thoughts and inspiration through natural interface technologies creates the feel of a virtual office and reinforces the bond among your team. If you are looking to facilitate teamwork and strengthen daily collaborations, ask us about  drawing tablets that promote success for any size staff.

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