Epson Printers Teams Up With Canva During COVID

Epson recently began hearing from customers about the challenge of purchasing high quality branded signage to visually communicate where people should stand and line up appropriately to meet social distancing requirements. Because these types of signs weren’t common for most businesses until recently, they’ve had many questions: where to get the designs, how to customize them and how to quickly get updates when the standard changes – which in this climate it has been doing frequently- almost day to day. Organizations across many industries were also concerned about how to make updates as government recommendations changed.

Use Epson Printers for Social Distancing Printables

Epson’s printers are perfect for producing on-demand social distancing materials, especially its affordable SureColor T-Series, Epson realized that their customers needed help with the design part of the challenge as well. To help customers through the challenge of reopening, Epson partnered with Canva, an online design platform that allows users to create custom graphics, to help customers create branded designs from scratch or from a prepopulated template. Canva’s user-friendly templates quickly allow businesses to design custom materials to match their brand and Epson printers allow these useful designs to be printed on a variety of high-quality materials on demand.

Organizations can use Canva’s platform and templates to design the signage they need, including floor stickers, wall signs, and door stickers. When the design meets their needs, they can customize the sign to their store colors, or look & feel and print on demand as needed. This on-demand printing capabilities that the Epson SureColor printers offer will continue to be extremely helpful also as COVID vaccines roll out and safety measures change.  

Epson’s SureColor T- and P-Series printer lines offer several sizes, from 24-to-64 inches, and organizations can print large signs on-demand as needed, from the very small to the very large. The Epson SureColor Series prints on a wide range of materials, including rigid poster board, stickers, and even paper posters which can be changed in the front store window daily.

The Epson SureColor Family

With so many products, the Epson SureColor line of printers has something for everyone. While the T-Series and P-Series are great for your social distancing printables, the F-Series offers stunning dye sublimation printers at a variety of sizes. The S-Series’s large format solvent printers are ideal for businesses looking to make a big impression. 

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