Fashion Forward: RIP Software Solutions

Fashion Forward: RIP Software Solutions

Color consistency is key to building a brand that identifies your company in the fashion and apparel industry. RIP software solutions deliver consistent, high-quality printed results that are color correct at all times. The need for consistent colors is not limited to the actual clothing. From garments to any type of promotional signage and the branding efforts for the clothing line, raster image processor software processes an image file, through an established color management workflow or system, before it is printed using RIP software solutions. The ability to maintain accurate color is a critical step in the garment printing process. Once consumers view the branding colors of your garments on an ongoing basis, they will associate the particular color (or combination of colors) with your brand and recognize your product before they even see any text or logo that identifies your company.

The Advantages of Raster Image Processor Software

Most apparel design groups deploying a fleet of printers for color-critical printing will employ RIP (Raster Image Processor) software to drive their printers. There are a variety of reasons why RIP software offers advantages over using the manufacturer-provided driver software alone:

  • Consistent Print Path – The RIP offers a consistent print path that makes use of color profiles when printing from all software. Adobe Creative Cloud software has a sophisticated color management infrastructure that makes use of ICC profiles in conjunction with the driver (if you know how to employ them from the print dialog). But  But many other design software packages do not have the same sophistication as Adobe applications and may produce different print results from each user if not used in conjunction with a RIP.
  • Fleet Consistency – While most new inkjet printers come from the factory in a similar state, there are differences that can be measured and noted by the human eye. Printer to printer differences increase over time with wear and tear on the hardware. RIP software has special tools to help ensure that all output from a fleet of printers matches quite closely—to the point where most people cannot detect any difference.
  • Sophisticated Job Submission – RIPs offer multiple ways to submit jobs: 
    1. Custom submission software that provides a sophisticated interface and job status
    2. Via Hotfolder which is a shared folder on your network. This might be an easy way for remote people to submit jobs.
    3. Through virtual printers which is the File>Print method that the public is familiar with from using other printers as well as the only option available when using a manufacturer’s printer driver. Please note that, during the ongoing pandemic, we have a variety of clients submitting jobs to RIPs remotely through VPN and other file-sharing tools.
  • Sophisticated Job Management – RIP software comes with job management software that enables you to see exactly what will be printed prior to putting ink on paper. This software also allows you to perform basic file manipulation – crop, scale, rotate, nest, etc. – prior to submission. Nesting print jobs with a RIP (including automatically) is a great way to conserve consumables with minimal impact on the time it takes to submit a print job.
  • Automated Calibration/Profiling – If you have an onboard spectrophotometer, the RIP software can automate the calibration process. This is a time saver and can also enable remote calibration. 

Traditional & DTG RIP Software That Works

RIP software is popular for the main reason that it works to provide the color consistency desired by brands in the fashion and apparel industry. DTG RIP software is the most effective and accurate way to ensure steadiness and stability when it comes to direct to garment printing results. Whether your printing needs require traditional RIP software or RIP software made for DTG printing, you will have the ability to brand your clothing line with accurate and vibrant colors that resonate with your target audience on an emotional level. 

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