Get Color Accuracy & Consistency Across Fleet Printers

Get Color Accuracy & Consistency Across Fleet Printers

The ability to achieve color accuracy and color consistency across fleet printers will benefit your company in two important areas: brand consistency and fiscal responsibility. Accurate print color management allows you to print superior materials the first time which in turn also saves you money on reprints and revisions. Fleet printing gives you the opportunity to reproduce a large amount of materials but you need to make sure the colors are correct and consistent across multiple printers. While to some it might seem like printed materials with colors that slightly differ might be insignificant or unimportant at the time of printing, it is critical that your colors do not vary and accurately represent your brand so they do not hurt your professional image. You don’t want your prints to look sloppy or give your company an image of not being worried about making sure the details are correct.

Tips To Get The Print Color Management You Need

Professional print color management is easily achieved by keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Use the same ink across all of your fleet printers. Differing ink sets are able to reproduce different colors and will lead to mismatch between printers in a fleet. Pick one family of printers with matching ink sets and stick with that choice for each machine in your fleet of printers.
  • Once you have standardized your printer fleet, keeping each printer calibrated to provide consistent output over time is key.. Calibrate your printers so that each printer in the fleet is producing reliable consistent output that is accurate to your fleet color standards.. Regularly scheduled recalibration of each printer keeps your color output consistent across a fleet of printers.
  • Update the process control culture at your company and embrace the need to track and address any issues with the performance of your printing devices. Don’t brush off any color consistency issues by simply hoping they will not happen again. Establish a regular series of color quality control testing and reporting that monitors the consistency and accuracy of the printers over time. The quality control step allows the production team to identify when a device is outside its normal tolerance of color consistency and may require recalibration to bring it back to acceptable color output within established tolerances.

Fleet Printing Made Easy

Now that you have a better insight into the importance of accurate print color management, let the pros at Spectraflow make the color calibration process across your fleet of printers easier for you. We can pair your business with the right software, quality ink and industry-leading equipment that delivers consistent, superior results from each piece of printing equipment. Fleet printing is one of the most productive and powerful printing services currently available to streamline document workflows, reduce printer downtime, control printer costs and improve the overall reliability of your printer workflow. 

Achieve high-quality color accuracy with your fleet printers by contacting us today.

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