How an Industrial Label Printer Makes Businesses Profitable

How An Industrial Label Printer Makes Businesses Profitable

While there are many costs that go into manufacturing a product, oftentimes product labels can be overlooked. Businesses that have a label printer in their offices see increased profits in both time and money. You no longer need to wait for your finished product to return from an outsourced printer who is working on their own schedule. Furthermore, your business earns monetary profits as printing prices are fixed for you and you also do not have to pay design, shipping and labor fees to the outsourced label printing company.

3 Key Benefits of an In-House Commercial Label Printer

Your business enjoys increased rewards in a variety of sectors by using an in-house commercial label printer:

  1. Convenience and Efficiency – Your business will increase efficiency through the convenience of printing labels “on demand” instead of overprinting labels “just in case”. Inventory management is easier to control as you don’t have to anticipate order quantities in advance which often results in more product than is actually needed.
  2. Cost Control – Businesses see a lower cost per label by controlling the label creation process. There is no need to create artwork, upload it to a third party site and pay shipping costs. The ROI from a commercial label printer is usually achieved within a few months. 
  3. Targeted Branding – You control the product branding to reflect the current priorities of your business. You can do anything from adjusting your branding to incorporate seasonal colors and graphics or even change your labeling to highlight safety response steps your company is taking regarding COVID-19.

See Your Profits Grow with a Color Label Printer

Your profits will grow when you use a color label printer in-house. Your staff gains extra time because they aren’t outsourcing a printing task to another company and then following up with calls and emails to track the progress of the project. You also enjoy increased cash flow with the profits you gain from not having to print extra labels to ensure you have enough on hand after the initial order. You can print a certain number of labels and then do a follow-up printing, if necessary. Your printing costs are controlled, and you have the freedom to use the design you want instead of a design you have to “settle for” from another print company. 

Put the benefits of a commercial label printer to work for your business today.

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