How ChromaChecker Color Management Tool Minimizes Waste

How ChromaChecker Color Management Tool Minimizes Waste

Trying to keep a variety of devices under control? If you are responsible for managing a group of printing presses, measurement devices, viewing stations, monitors, digital printers, etc. Chromachecker is the solution. Chromachecker is a web-based quality control color management tool that provides a real-time dashboard on a fleet of printers and other devices, along with insights on how to correct devices that have drifted out of tolerance. It also scales from small (single shop with one printer) to very large (multiple locations with dozens of presses).

The software boils everything down to a single pass/fail metric for those who don’t want to be overwhelmed by data. But for those who want to dig in, it provides lots of insightful data and guidance on how to get back in tolerance if needed.   

ChromaChecker ensures print facilities are manufacturing salable color and minimizing waste. The printing industry has been attempting to make the transition from the graphic arts industry (where color is visual and subjective to every participant) to the manufacturing industry for 20+ years with  limited success. Most printers still rely on people’s eyes and subjective assessments to “get by.” But with 75% of the printers now making less than 2% on margin* (pre Covid19), it becomes imperative that printers decrease waste and improve profitability meaning by transitioning to a manufacturing mindset if they hope to prevail in the long term. By creating a pass/fail procedure with ChromaChecker, all human subjectivity is eliminated and it is directly related to customer expectations. It greatly helps operators know that their printers are manufacturing salable color, and, if they are not, ChromaChecker informs them on what corrective actions to take. 

How ChromaChecker Can Work for You

ChromaChecker has provided amazing results for printer vendors across the country. Check out this actual case study from one such vendor. 

Overview: With every color bar measured by the operator, an immediate report is created, showing the operator if their press is manufacturing salable color:

  • A normal passing report can be seen below. It shows a 2.2 E-Factor- (inside green area of target). Production work is safe to run.
  • If the report is not passing, ChormaChecker lets the operator know they need to fix the printer to get it back to manufacturing salable color. Below is an example of what the report looks like when the printer’s specific part had worn out. 
  • Immediately, ChromaChecker alerts the operator to change the XYZ part to fix the printer!!! This has greatly reduced the downtime for their presses, and the process has saved this client thousands of dollars by reducing waste.

Superior Color Management for Printers

With ChromaChecker, management can see every printer’s real time performance, and all history from an intuitive dashboard. Below  is an example of a printing company that has four locations, each with 7 to 25 printers at its location. Each circle represents a printer, if the user hovers over the dot it will display the printer name,

Each colored circle represents the printer’s status. 

Green: printer passed salable color when last measured

Red: printer failed salable color when last measured

Yellow: printer has not been measured within desired time frame

When clicking on any specific printer circle, the printer history will immediately show. Below is the history of the printer. ChromaChecker has taken over 1000 measurements, and each dot represents a measurement. Any below the green line is good.

With all that data, it can get confusing. You can isolate certain metrics and see a line list for easier understanding. Below is an example of what that looks like.

Generated weekly, each manager has a custom report sent to them showing the history of their printing devices that they are responsible for that looks like the following:

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