How Eco Solvent Printers Have Improved The Print Industry

How Eco Solvent Printers Have Improved The Print Industry

As technology and business printing needs have evolved over the years, the print industry has turned from traditional solvent printers to eco solvent printers. It’s easy to see why the transition occurred as it has been incredibly beneficial for workers, businesses, and the environment.. Eco solvent printing is ecologically safe and is mainly used for indoor applications and tasks. Solvent printing was a harsher process and was associated with a distinct odor that made for an unpleasant indoor environment. Eco solvent media produces high-resolution prints and the high-quality prints created by eco solvent methods were not always possible with solvent printers.

The Top 3 Benefits of Eco Solvent Printing

  1. Eco solvent printing has many benefits but one of the biggest advantages it has provided is that it is safe for indoor use and has quick dry times. It gives off fewer fumes during a print job and does not involve the use of any harmful chemicals, ensuring your print technicians’ health and safety. 
  2. Because eco solvent printers emit fewer fumes, they are also a cost-effective solution for businesses. Printing that was previously limited by ventilation hoods and airflow is now open to almost any area with standard air circulation with there is no risk of inhaling fumes. This allows businesses to have lower energy and occupy buildings that were not originally set up for printing, saving them so much in costs annually.  
  3. Finally, as the name suggests, eco solvent inks are environmentally friendly! They are biodegradable and pack an equal punch when producing color.

How Eco Solvent Ink Stacks Up

Eco solvent ink offers a wide range of colors that also dry faster than other inks. This ink choice is ideal for many forms of signage including billboards, vehicle wraps and graphics, wall graphics, backlit signage, and die-cut labels and decals. It is a popular choice because of its ability to adhere to both uncoated and coated surfaces. The fact that it produces long-lasting results also saves on costs in the long run as less printing will need to be performed because of the durable results. 

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