How Profitable Is DTG Printing?

How Profitable Is DTG Printing?

One of the most common questions we get when DTG printing is discussed is…”Can you make money with a direct to garment printer?” 

The quick answer is “Yes,” but the longer answer is “You can increase your profits even more with multiple DTG printers.” 

Direct to garment printing requires less setup time than screen printing, saving you both time and money spent on labor. You also increase your profits since you are able to start the printing process in a quicker period of time. DTG printing also gives you the option to do smaller orders with one design just as efficiently as a larger, more complex order with lots of colors. Your ability to handle orders of various sizes and complexity means you are able to increase your bottom line for each quarter and the entire fiscal year. 

The Pros of Direct To Garment Printing

Take a look at the benefits you will enjoy with direct to garment printing:

  • A direct to garment printer can provide a serious amount of ROI for your business. A t-shirt that can be sold in the range of $20-$25 (or more) can only cost you $3-$5 to make. Depending on the minimum order for each project, you can enjoy a very good profit margin.
  • Since DTG printing is a digital medium, there is little step-up time beside uploading the design. With less set-up involved in the printing process, labor costs are lower, making DTG printing ideal for on-demand orders and smaller quantities. 
  • A large number of DTG printers have taken the extra step to be eco-friendly as well. They use water-based inks (that do not wash out of the shirt) as well as cleaning solutions and processes that are safe for the environment. Save the planet and give your clients a feeling of helping the environment with DTG printing processes. 

Find a Direct To Garment Printer that Works for You

The direct to garment printer that works best for your business depends on the type of printing you are going to perform. Digital dye sublimation printing delivers vibrant colors but is limited in its resolution and can only print on polyester. Digital reactive printing creates brilliant images on natural fabrics but it does require a higher investment of raw materials and experienced staff. Heat transfer allows flexibility in applying the image but there is a limitation to the optimum size of the image that can be produced. If you know your production goals and initial investment budget, you will be able to choose the right DTG printer to achieve the high-quality results you desire.

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