Label Printer Finishing Options

Professional label printers rely heavily on digital printing since this industry-leading printing option accurately produces short print runs. While digitally printing labels offer multiple label solutions and benefits to businesses of any size, it’s important to remember the many finishing options at your disposal as well. Label finishing takes your printed materials from amature to professional by giving your brand the clean, polished look that it needs to have. WIth a variety of finishing choices available to you, the goal is always that the final result will stand out to consumers and increase their interest to learn more about your products. The right finishing solution makes a lasting impression. 

Label Finishing Solutions that Make Your Project Shine

There are many label finishing options available to you and it’s critical to select the right one for your products. Some of the best options that will set you apart from the competition include:

  • Lamination offers a thick layer of protection for the label that ensures its longevity. Lamination is made of several types of plastic and serves as protection against fingerprints, smudges, and moisture. It comes in a variety of options like gloss, matte, and UV protection. 
  • Cutting uses a manufactured die to cut out the labels and remove excess materials. Labels are individually cut to the specified size and shape. Some label printers like the Afinia Label DLF Series have revolutionized the cutting process by doing everything (unwind, cut, remove excess, slit, and rewind) all in one machine.
  • Foiling places metallic or color pigmented foil onto a label. They can give the labels a shiny sheen and deliver a high-end look that gets attention. If your label needs to have an elegant element to them, this is the way to achieve it. 
  • Embossing is the act of pressing a specific design or logo into a label. The act of embossing adds depth and texture to a label which makes it stand out from a typical label with a flat surface. 

Professional Label Printers Create Branding Solutions

Label finishing gives the perfect look to a custom-made label by adding a touch of personality to the product and giving the business a positive image to consumers. Digital label solutions are a powerful branding opportunity for companies of all sizes that don’t break the bank. Lower costs, label customization, and the ability to do short print runs are ideal for businesses that do not need a large stock of labels at one time. It is also a cost-effective option for marketers that want to test label finishing options for any of their new or existing products.

Professional label finishing options can make the difference in the final look of a product. Contact us today to discuss your label solutions options.

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