Maximize Your Label Printer: Avoid Label Application Defects


The product label you print for your brand creates a first impression of your company. You should take every step possible to create a professional look to the labels – and not just with the design. A beautiful design applied poorly to a surface is still a bad label. Some of the most common application defects include wrinkles, air bubbles, and inferior adhesives. It is easier than you think to avoid these application defects and get the most from your industrial label printer. Label application issues are easy to avoid if you know what to look for in advance. Once you know what to expect during the label printing process, you can head off any label application defects in advance.

5 Top Causes of Label Application Issues

  1. The size of the product label can cause problems if it is too big or too small. When using an industrial label printer, your design needs to keep the specific container features in mind so they will fit properly. Examine your containers for any special features such as a tapered shape or ridges. 
  2. Whether you are using a top of the line container or a discount priced product, surface imperfections should always be kept in mind. Imperfections like dents or tears and even dust make it difficult to adhere the label for a smooth and clean appearance. A clean and dry surface, free of debris and oils, produces a smooth and aesthetically pleasing result.  
  3. The same type of label that is placed on a glass product is not the same type of label used on a hard plastic material with lots of ridges in it. Always read the specifications on the facestock of your label and then work within those constraints. 
  4. Not all adhesives are created equally and not all adhesives work for every container. Be aware of the strength of your adhesive so you will know if it will stay attached to the container (including those that have a tight radius).
  5. Once you create printed labels, make sure improper storage doesn’t ruin the finished product. Take into account where you will house your materials before and after printing them. Store your labels on lower shelves (because heat rises) and keep the labels in airtight bags (for less humidity).

Spectraflow’s Color Label Printer Solutions

When it comes to color label printer solutions for businesses, we always have success with printers from Afinia Label (currently in stock from Spectraflow).  We understand color and the power that comes from all elements of the color workflow solution operating in harmony. Label printing is an important element of the final product, and there is an extra precaution you can take against label application problems during your next print project. Test some blank labels that are the specific size, material and adhesive you desire before committing to a mass printing of your label design. The testing phase allows you to see exactly how the label interacts with your container. Most importantly, it will help you avoid costly label application problems down the line.

Contact us today with more information about your product, container and label vision so we can help you find the perfect printer for your product. 

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