Media Type Updates Available for Epson SureColor P9570/P7570

Some users have run into issues with the Epson Legacy and Signature Worthy media printing to the SureColor P9570/7570. If so, update your media in Epson Media Installer through Media Download. This will enable the Lateral Feed Adjustment by default, and this along with Skew Reduction will help with reducing skew errors when loading and printing.

In order to install the Epson Media Installer, you’ll need to select the “Drivers and Utilities Combo Package Installer from the driver section of the Epson website (7570, P9570).

After launching the Media Installer application, select the Media Download tab, select the media Last Updated Feb 11, 2022 and click “Download and Register”.  It will take a minute to download.

To view or change your settings, you can click the Media Management tab, make a copy of your chosen paper in order to make it editable, and then edit to view your settings. Both Copy and Edit functions are found in the upper left hand corner of the Media Management tab.

In the “Edit Media Settings” window, you will notice the “Lateral Feed Adjustment” and “Skew Reduction” are now checked. This should reduce skew issues.