New Design Ideas that Put Your Large Format Printer to Work

New Large Format Design Ideas that Put Your Printer to Work

The phrase “large format printing” often brings banners and billboards to mind, but it is capable of much more than you might imagine. From in-store displays to office walls and window graphics, a wide format printer is your secret weapon in creating eye-catching designs. Use your printer to produce designs and graphics that tell the story of your company. Share your community spirit by creating graphics that highlight the city or neighborhood where you are located. A large format printer can be used to introduce new products or simply remind the public about the products and services they get from your business. New design ideas come to life with this industry leading printing tool.

Wide Format Printing Allows for Truly Creative Designs

  • Create a one-of-kind wall mural that attracts attention and promotes your business. Wall murals share a corporate story or promote a product with dynamic in-store visuals. You can turn a blank wall into a powerful marketing tool.
  • Store containers are being repurposed with vinyl wraps and are great branding opportunities. You might have seen them around your town at all the new outdoor activities. Create a design to match your event theme or company logo.
  • Building graphics get attention whether they are in a store, an office, or on the side of a building. These “in your face” billboards have people talking about your business. Get your company noticed with colorful graphics that command attention.
  • People are always looking down to see where to stand for social distancing. Take advantage of their downward gaze with floor graphics that brand your business and provide information about products or specials you are promoting. 

Large Format Printing Unleashes Branding Potential

Large format printing takes branding opportunities to a whole new level. They produce high quality, captivating images on almost any type of substrate including vinyl, metal, foam board and corrugated plastic. Images can be printed in full color at any size and any quantity you desire. Graphics play a big part in the creation of brand awareness, and consumers are more likely to remember an image that stands out to them. A large format printer brings your brand to life and maximizes your marketing potential. 

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