P-Series HDX Violet Ink Expands Gamut By Up to 10%

P-Series_HDX_Violet_Ink_increased_gamutOne of the more interesting aspects of Epson’s newly announced P7000/P9000 series of large format printers is the new HDX ink set, which comes with the option of expanding the color gamut by replacing the Light Light Black (LLK) ink with a Violet (V) ink.

Depending upon the paper used, we saw up to a 10% gamut expansion from the previous 7900/9900 HDR ink set.  Epson says the new Violet allows for up to 99% Pantone Formula Guide coverage.  This is great news for designers and those in the fashion industry as dialing in the navies is often a challenge.

The screen shot shows exactly where the gamut is expanded vs the current HDR ink set. The substrate used was Premium Luster photo paper. The P9000 is in green while the 9900 is the multicolored one.