Tech Tip: Best Practices for Major OS Updates on RIP Stations

RIP-Service-Pack-UpdatesIn today’s hostile internet landscape, it’s common for both Microsoft and Apple to roll out a nearly continuous stream of “fixes” and service packs, addressing security concerns and improvements. These updates generally improve stability and security, especially after a new OS is released.

In some situations, however, these updates can create problems with older software, leading to crashes and instability. Since a RIP is often supporting a number of users, it’s crucial to test the effect these updates could have on the system before applying them.

In most cases it’s a good idea to disable automatic updates on PC’s running Windows, and wait awhile before installing the latest upgrade package. In general, it’s not a good idea to upgrade the system software too far ahead of the latest RIP release, although there are situations where upgrades may resolve existing bugs. In other cases upgrading the RIP to a newer version on an older system can also result in problems.

Before installing any major software upgrade it’s a good idea to make a backup of the important components of the RIP, or set a backup point on your system so that you can restore the previous version if there is a problem in upgrading.

RIP vendors will often issue warning about potential conflicts as well.

Please contact Spectraflow if you have any questions about upgrading your RIP or system software.