Tech Tip: Contacting Epson Product Support Technicians

Recently, Epson updated their phone menu for Pro Series printer support at 888-377-6611. This improvement was designed to make contacting Epson product support technicians more efficient than in the past.

When you call Epson’s technical support number at 888-377-6611 you will be presented with the following support options:

  • Option 1. 3800 or 3880 printer
  • Option 2. 4000, 4800, 4880, or 4900 Printer
    • Option 1. “For technical support on an issue relating to the RIP Software or the Spectroproofer or if you are a business customer, press 1
    • Option 2. For any other type of issue, press 2
  • Option 3. SureColor Printers (Stylus Pro, T-Series, F-Series, S-Series)
  • Option 4. SureLab (D-Series)
  • Option 5. Other Printers or Gemini

Epson offers excellent product support, but you may have difficulty navigating the menu initially. Spectraflow is always available via phone at 415-382-8681 ext. 2 to help you navigate through Epson’s support system.