Tech Tip: Epson 7600/9600 Error 0040 – What Does It Mean?

Epson 9600Did your Epson 7600 or 9600 printer give you the dreaded error code 0040?

What does “Pump motor operation count has reached the service limit, ‘end of life’.” even mean?

Unfortunately, this error message means the the Pump/Cap/Cleaning assembly has reached the end of its life and will likely fail soon. The assembly is a major replacement part, and for older printers like the 7600/9600, which are beyond service warranty, it is typically more cost efficient to simply upgrade to the latest printer model than have the part replaced.

It is possible to clear the counter in Maintenance Mode 2 [Clear Counters/Cleaning], however your printer would then be printing blind, meaning you would have no warning before the printer fails. Leaking ink, damaged hardware and poor quality prints are some of the potential consequences if you choose this route.