Tech Tip: Epson SureColor P-Series How to Run a Nozzle Check and Head Cleaning

Learn how to run a nozzle check and head cleaning on the Epson SureColor P-Series (P6000, P7000, P8000, P9000) printers and more.

A nozzle check is a simple yet important part of printer maintenance. It will quickly show you if any of the nozzles in your print head are clogged and, if so, which ones you need to run a head cleaning on. We previously covered nozzle clogs and cleanings in detail.

Run a nozzle check every morning if you are printing daily or if the printer has been inactive for a few days, like after a weekend.

If you notice horizontal banding (white lines) across your prints, dramatic color shifts, or blank pages being printed, you need to run a nozzle check. The nozzle check will show you which color channels need to be cleaned.

On the P-Series, you can run a nozzle check by going to Menu->Maintenance->Nozzle Check.

Once the nozzle check is printed, you will be prompted to inspect the printed pattern and if you notice any breaks, run a head cleaning on the affected color channel(s). If there are no breaks in any of the color patterns, hit exit on the onscreen prompt.

You can run a manual head cleaning by going to Menu->Maintenance->Head Cleaning. Start with a regular/normal cleaning as it uses less ink. To save additional ink, only run the regular cleaning on the affected color pair. After the cleaning, make sure to print another nozzle check to see if the nozzles recovered or not. Run no more than 3 regular cleanings followed by nozzle checks. Each additional check and cleaning provides additional benefits.

If the nozzles haven’t improved after 3 regular cleanings, perform 3 power cleanings. Print a nozzle check after each cleaning. Run no more than 3 power cleanings. It’s also important to run a normal cleaning after each power cleaning as it resets pressure in the ink system.

If the nozzles are still missing, you will most likely need a new printhead. Give Spectraflow a call at 415-382-8681 x2 or Epson at 888-377-6611.