Tech Tip: What resolution should I use with my Epson printer?

Epson printers function very well at 1440 dpi, and in general this should be the default setting. The 2880 dpi setting is overkill for almost all jobs.  Its improvement in image detail is essentially imperceptible, and it slows the printer considerably.  For proofing applications (175 lpi or less), or where speed is required the X800/X880 series Epsons will work well at 720 dpi, assuming all three printhead alignments have been done – Uni, Bi-D 2-color, Bi-D All. (Note: on glossy media the X600/4000 series tends to band at 720 dpi).  The drawback is an increased degree of grain in the highlights and areas of solid colors, but if the printer has been well maintained, and the heads are in good alignment then this setting should produce good quality proofs.