Using Epson Printer Web Page to Remotely Evaluate Supply Levels

When returning to your Epson printer after time spent away, it’s possible that bad color, print banding, and other artifacts of an unmaintained print head will be waiting for you. Spectraflow recommends several actions to ensure that prints will come out as expected when returning to a printer that has recently sat idle for more than two weeks.

One of the first steps in bringing a printer back from idle is to take inventory of the installed supplies and prepare to replace low inks and maintenance boxes to enable print head cleaning. The Epson P-Series printers include an onboard web server that can show the exact supply levels from any web browser that has access to the same network as the printer. If physical access to a printer is not yet available, or if many printers are spread out in your facility, using the printer web pages can be an easy way to inventory which printers have low ink, paper, and/or maintenance tanks.

By accessing a Fiery RIP computer or another office computer via Remote Desktop (or by using a VPN connection to your office network), enter the IP address of the printer into a web browser (we’re using Google Chrome in this example). Modern browsers will warn against accessing the printer’s web page as the printer does not have a security certificate, but you can choose to ignore this security advice from your browser and access the printer’s web page anyway.

Click the Advanced button and then click on the link to Proceed to the “unsafe” web page.
Click the Advanced button and then click on the link to Proceed to the “unsafe” web page.

Once the printer’s web page is up, click the Consumables link at the left side to bring up a graphic representation of the ink levels. Make note of any inks that appear to be in the bottom 25% of capacity, and pay special attention to the primary maintenance tank as this will likely be filled with an unusual amount of waste ink during the ink line flushing and print head cleaning needed to recover from idle. Supplies are available to ship from Spectraflow for most printers and currently have a short additional lead time while distribution recovers from the impact of many businesses having shut down for a few months.
Epson Web Portal Showing Supplies Levels

If Roll Paper Remaining has been enabled on your printer, then the paper length remaining may also be shown. Physical access to a printer may be sporadic in the coming weeks, and keeping plenty of paper available on the printer will enable remote test printing and periodic remote maintenance. Short paper rolls can be saved in the original packaging and reloaded for use once physical access to the printer is available on a more daily basis. Most paper is also widely available from Spectraflow, if your on-hand supplies are dwindling.
Epson Web Portal Displaying Roll Paper Length Remaining Info

If you are having trouble with your printer, or if you have questions about the recommended procedures for restoring your printer to daily use, please send us an email at tech[at]spectraflow[dot]com, and we’ll look forward to supporting you as you return your Epson printer to daily use!