Why Are Printers Out of Stock?

Why Are Printers Out of Stock?

Almost anyone that has been in the market for new printers has asked the same question…”Why are printers out of stock?” The printing industry has been impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the continuing COVID-19 situation has caused multiple supply chain delays. The shutdown of businesses for coronavirus safety reasons is not the only reason there have been issues with the availability of printer stock. The print industry is experiencing a combination of issues related to COVID-19 having an impact on overseas markets and manufacturing along with the restrictions and tariffs, from the past few years, placed on both importers and major manufacturers in the United States. The combination of COVID-19 safety precautions and government restrictions has resulted in a limitation in the ability to deliver the needed printer stock in the current United States market. 

Supply Chain Delays Affecting The Print Industry

  • Ongoing supply chain delays include issues caused by COVID-related shutdowns, online inventories being depleted, and companies not being able to produce or supply products. Some shipping companies have stopped guaranteeing regular delivery times due to the current shortage of products. In our experience, we have seen shipping companies prioritize furniture sales over other similarly sized products.
  • COVID-19 has caused a delay in the overall production of technology related to the printing industry. For example, chips that power modern-day printers have experienced a major increase in demand. In turn, this has resulted in a global shortage as not enough chips are available to meet current needs. 
  • COVID-19 has also had a major impact on the available workforce with labor shortages. Between layoffs, closures due to safety precautions, and workers taking paid time off, the available print industry workforce has been in flux since the early part of 2020.

Outlook for the Commercial Print Industry

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Why are printers out of stock?”, we want to make it clear there is no reason to panic. While there is no specific timetable that shows when items in the printing industry are forecast to resume shipping with pre-pandemic lead times, there will certainly come a time when the industry (and the world) return to a predictable tempo for product shipments. The future looks bright for the print industry to resume normal functions and this includes the ability to produce and ship products to meet the needs of customers with minimal lead time. The lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic will be used by future industry leaders to plan ahead and make sure printer stock is readily available and easy to deliver to customers at all times.

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